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LEGO Dimensions Amazon USA: New Expansion Packs Pre-Order

You can now pre-order on Amazon USA, some of the new LEGO Dimensions expansion packs that were recently revealed but got official images today during The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles. There are also descriptions of what is included in the new sets. Definitely one of the most anticipated sets is the Portal 2 with the new Chell minifigure. Fortunately they all have a September 27 release date which is the same day LEGO Dimensions itself launches.


LEGO Dimensions 71202 – Simpsons Level Pack | $29.99

Includes: Homer, Taunt-o-Vision and Homer’s Car

LEGO Dimensions Amazon: 71202 - The Simpsons Homer Level Pack


LEGO Dimensions 71203 – Portal Level Pack | $29.99

Includes: Chell, Sentry Turret and Companion Cube

LEGO Dimensions Amazon: 71203 - Portal 2 Chell Level Pack


LEGO Dimensions 71205 – Jurassic World Team Pack | $24.99

Includes: Owen & ACU, Gyrosphere and Velociraptor

LEGO Dimensions Amazon: 71205 - Jurassic World Team Pack


LEGO Dimensions 71211 – Simpsons Bart Fun Pack | $14.99

Includes: Bart and Gravity Sprinter

LEGO Dimensions Amazon: The Simpsons 71211 - Bart Simpson Fun Pack


LEGO Dimensions 71227 – Simpsons Krusty Fun Pack | $14.99

Includes: Kristy and Clown Bike

LEGO Dimensions Amazon: 71227 - The Simpsons Krusty Fun Pack


At this address you will also find all the other sets LEGO Dimensions in pre-order on Amazon USA, many of them also have a release date on September 27.

In my opinion, here are some of the most interesting other expansion packs in pre-order (click on image to open the page on Amazon).
LEGO Dimensions 71221 - Wizard of Oz Fun PackLEGO Dimensions 71206 - Scooby Doo Team Pack

LEGO Dimensions 71230 - Back to the Future Doc Brown Fun PackLEGO Dimensions Pack

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